Ninco race management software

It is designed for any scale, style or brand of slot track and can support single or multiple lanes. The single player experience is very strong with anki overdrive. The system is designed to run in conjunction with your pc, and scorpius software programs help you race up to 24 cars simultaneously. Slotman track designer known simply as slotman which stands for slot car manager provides a slot car track design tool as well as features to provide track timing and race controls for analog slot car racing. At last a slot car system designed by digital enthusiasts for digital enthusiasts. For use on many types of track layouts for home, race clubs and corporate use. It contains a wide range of racing options from the most basic round robin races to the most complicated multirace events that include practice time, one or more qualifying races, and a. This means that just like the ninco console you have no access to the throttle position so your fuel algorithm can only be based on time. This is one of many temporary track layouts that will be created over. Its unique features are that it uses either a usb or pci port and therefore is fully compatible with modern pcs and laptops. You can even run different heats and then let the winners of each heat progress through like a knockouttype tournament. Race in number of laps or limited in time with possibility of segments and inter segment.

At pendle slot racing we have sold hundreds of ds lap timing systems over the last 20 years to many customers. A cable that can connect the aux port to a pc is required so that you can use rms software. Also for use with pc lapcounter software or for the race management software by bruce yingling. Slot car wiki scalextric digital race management systems. Slotman track designer slot track design and race management. It manages multiple track systems listed below and allows an inventory of all the different track pieces. Digital racing solutions new arrivals, wireless accessories, buildings and figures, gift certificates, tools and supplies, trees and landscaping, carrera radio control, slot car race sets, 2 scale slot cars, 143 scale slot cars, 124 scale slot cars, super sales, high performance tires, digital accessories, slot car spare parts, slot car track, preorders, catalogs. Best digital slot car brand comparing carrera, ninco. The second problem with ninco is a lack of high backed curves.

The modes and fuel in the console are not used and are completely replaced by the race management software. The ds range of lap counters is one of the best after market upgrade systems available for use with scalextric, ninco, scx, carrera and club tracks. Race manager sc is a pc based slot car race management system for scalextric, sfx and other slot car race. Derbymaster is the leader in race management software and was designed for those racing. Slot car corner llc provides a wide variety of innovative, highquality 1. I have never invested in track design or race management software because either of these were the. Pc lap counter laptimer software for slot racing and other. This latest version includes auto start and quick start allowing a much faster set up of the race system. Oxford scalextric club grown men, playing with toys and. A race management system rms, at its most basic, displays timing and scoring data from the power base pb. Datarace2 is a windows program that displays race data from the ndigital slot car system. Ultimate racer is a lap counter, lap timer and track layout editor. We complete our range for race management and laptiming of analog tracks.

It contains a wide range of racing options from the most basic round. Avoid having a power tap which doubles as your startfinish track section. Race manager sc develops a series of slot car race management systems for every type of slot racing game from scalextric classic analogue to scalextric digital systems and. Then you can install some race management software rms such as ssdc or rcs64. Exclusive worldwide distributor of cb design wheels and quick slicks. It, racer sideways, policar, scx and nsr we run our cars pretty much box standard with minimal modifications so as to keep things simple. Race manager connects directly to any slot car track, scalextric, ninco, afx etc to deliver accurate lap timing and race management facilities to any slot car game. I use ssdc for my permanent track and although it offers less simulation options than rcs64 its my personal favourite. The software typically works in conjunction with a 12 volt relay to turn track power onoff. On this website you will find all the products we offer from ninco as slot cars and radio control, drones, aircraft and much more information. Race management system and track design software for slot racers. Race management system and track design software for slot car enthusiasts. Carrera digital 1242 race link usb interface race link is designed to work with any race management software rms that can be configured for use.

Wide range of circuits made with the best tracks on the market. Supplied disassembled in 8 pallets, provided solid feet, easy to assemble, sold plug and play meaning fully complete with highly conductive copper braids, all cables required, 4 indipendent power supply, pc, race software and big screen to visualize properly the race results, 8 electronic prothrottle controllers, 30 scalextric cars, large. Hi everyone, the first track is setup on the new table and we are racing. Also the data from the multilane track pieces is brought to the out port which i do not understand. Be able to automate the monitoring and management of your asa infrastructure in a fully. Dream nsr wooden slot car track 2124 scalextric ninco. Using the scalextric power base requires some adapter tracks, i use the ninco to scalextric classic adapter, then go to a scalextric sport adapter, this needs a 1. Refer to page davic system to set up and test a davic system. Scalextric rms c8143,scalextric digital powerbase c7030 and c7042, scx digital, ninco digital, carrera digital 2, ds lap.

We use the slotmaster race management software we race all the big 1. The pc lapcounter software provides extensive added functionality over the standard carrera lap counting system by offering custom sounds, driver rotations, team races, gap indication, unlimited display size and detection of ghost pacer cars. Not only can you race against a range of computer drivers but there is a full campaign to work through. As a separate program the slot master offline application is an excellent help to make the evenings racing run smoothly.

Scalextric digital race management systems rms there are a number of computer software programs rms that are compatible with scalextric digital and can be used for race management. This is particularly true if you plan to include some sort of track sensor e. Pc usb hardware for race direction, and updating of software for oxigen incar controller and radio cartridge. Timing and lap counting is accomplished using simple. Recently, i got excited when i download a piece of freeware software and realized i could have a complete race management system including the computer based lap timer for free. Snaptrack circuit design software windows software to allow you to design scalextric track layouts on your pc screen. Scorpius also manufactures the wam wireless analogue module which allows you to run analogue cars on an analogue track using your scorpius wireless digital controller. This ms windows program will time and count laps on any slot car track with up to 4 lanes. Ninco, afx etc to deliver accurate lap timing and race management.

Race coordinator is a free alternative slot car lap counting software package for the pc. Bandwidth analyzer pack bap is designed to help you better understand your network, plan for various contingencies, and track down problems when they do occur. Ultimate racer is a lap counter, lap timer and track layout editor suitable for any scale, style or brand of slot track, including scalextric, carrera, ninco, scx and routed wooden tracks. Pc lap counter is a race management software rms for slot racing or other rc or karting manages up to 32 lanes with a precision of 0. There are many, many options for slot car sensors, too many to list in detail here. To connect race coordinator to your track, you have a couple of different options, which are all described in the documentation. It can be configured to suit a variety of customer. Using a system like carrera appconnect, the racer will be able to. Slot track design and race management slotman track designer. Ultimate racer is a race management system and slot car track design program combined. Ninco, who began producing cars and later sets of far superior quality than scalextrics offerings at the time.

This windows application is well designed and very user friendly. This is a big plus for ninco as you can buy pretty much any analog car you want and can chip it to run on ninco ndigital track. Driver rotation,team and series completely skeletal. Whats wrong with ninco digital started by sim 999, sep 12 20 06. Ultimate racer race management system ultimate racer is a race management system and slot car track design program combined.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Sensortrak used in conjunction with a lap countertimer or race management software. The fastest lap times go to my nsr mosler and my ninco mosler. Multifunction digital control unitdigital console with data display screen, management of 7 different types of races, individual and multiplayer, fastest reaction speed in orders from driver to car, race information of all drivers, race information sound signals, race management for. Slot car lap counter kits 20 software lap counter parts 26 slot car digital lap counters 1 slot car drag timing 28 slot car ho drag cars 8. Cars, kits tracks for scalextric, fly, ninco, carrera. As digital slot car racing has matured there is now the ability to connect computers to slot car race management systems. The following is a list of rms that are compatible with the c7042 advanced 6 car powerbase apb and the now discontinued c7030 6 car powerbase pb6.

Am looking forward to the ninco software as that may provide further clues, particularly if there is 2 way communication. It is designed for any scale, style or brand of slot track and can. The slot master is a race management system designed to control and time scalextric and other slot car events. The left side of the screen displays the race management systems input and output grid see below. It is designed for any scale, style or brand of slot track, including scalextric, carrera, ninco and routed wooden tracks, from single lane rally tracks to multilane championship raceways. New race management system from slotfire from slotfire. The program is designed to be used for the administration of your clubs members results and grading positions. Ultimate racer race management system slot track designer. Ultimate racer provides all of your software requirements, but for the timing system, you will also need some hardware to detect slot cars on your track and pass that to your computer. Capable of exciting new 3d features that allow you incorporate track elevations and plan scenery.

When looking for track accessories for ninco i found scx banked curve listed with ninco to scx adapter track. We have complete lap counting and timing with many features including sound and voice. Professor motor pmtr6852 carrera digital 2124 computer. The articles section includes a writeup on making power taps for scalextric sport track. Slotraceshop 12 volt dc relay for track power control trackrelay if you plan to incorporate a race management system into your layout, most include software which will control track power at the beginning and end of a race along with track calls. The software is donationware meaning you are free to use it, and all they ask for is a donation. Ssd 101 the rms race management systems for scalextric sport digital as of november 2014. Its right side displays the currently selected rms io settings. Find all downloads offered by race manager sc in zdnets software directory, the webs largest library of software downloads. Pc lap counter slot racing software lap timer lap counter.

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