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The acam with a meaty zoom and a sound devices pix 240. It demonstrates the use of indoor and outdoor lighting, handheld use and color processing. The 1920 x 1080 sensor is the same size as a frame of super 16 film, and the camera and can take lenses from many classic super. Funky 16mm camera maker ikonoskop, known for their. Digital bolex was a partnership between cinemeridian, inc. The camera takes 16mm and 35mm pl lenses, cmount lenses and still lenses via its ims mount. Have you seen the ikonoskop acam sp16 camera opened up. Choosing the raw image format for a nikon dslr dummies. Digital bolex raw camera, no longer made personal view.

To do this you need a team of professionals to support you. Its a slightly unusuallooking device with a very small formfactor and compatible with 16mm and super 16mm glass. The acam dii is a digital version of the classic 16 mm film camera. The digital bolex d16 shoots raw still frames per second instead of a traditional video stream. Lemo smtpe viewfinder vga lcd viewfinder and oled side display.

Online color correction was done on a baselight system at nice shoes by colorist donato boccia. The tiny ikonoskop acam dii digital film camera is finally ready to ship, two years after being announced at ibc 2008. In reply to zahntron sep 17, 2016 i think that a scan to a 16 bit tiff. With raw, the camera simply records the original, unprocessed image data. There are many mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras milcs that fit the bill as being compact, but this is highly dependent on the lens you choose to attach to.

Cadrage directors viewfinder for android free download. When should you use raw and when should you avoid it. Shooting 16mm film on a budget with my new arri 16srii. Best of all, theres a simple startstop button on the handgrip, thats it. Ikonoskop swedish makers of the diminutive acam super 16mm movie camera have. Their latest product is a digital cinema camera with a sensor size equivalent to a 16mm film frame. With everyone moving to the digital super35 and ff lenses the guy who owned the camera picked up a whole set of 16mm lenses for a steal. Its compatibility with the inspire 2 offers unprecedented levels of professional aerial cinematography and photography. The camera has ccd sensor with a global shutter, onboard electronic viewfinder, battery and memorycard. I have presets in my free debayer program for the acam dii tm, and you can use. Another camera with super 16mmized sensors using the mft lens mount is blackmagics micro cinema camera, which packs the feature set of the pocket cinema camera into their even smaller, screenless option. Jun 18, 2018 fantastic 10bit 720p in 444 color, making it a magic super 8 digital cinema camera with its beautiful three ccds, bypassing the nappy dv format and showing its true resolution in pixels and color.

When you debayer a raw sensor, you manufacture imaginary pixels. The contarex super or contarex s is a 35mm slr camera made by zeiss ikon west, released in 1967. In the field with ikonoskop s acam dii the magic of shooting in raw tucked north of stockholm, the city of kista boasts lowrise facilities selection from cinema raw. Shoot raw onto the ikonoskop s cards while making dailies onto the pix at the same time. Shot on ikonoskop acam dii with zeiss super speed mkiii prime lenses. Other monochrome cameras have been created by red, leica, and ikonoskop. The 1920 x 1080 sensor is the same size as a frame of super 16 film, and the camera and can take lenses from many classic super 16 cameras pl, leica m, ims and cmount. The world still lacked the equivalent of a affordable digital 16 mm camera that shot in raw. This past summer, swedish camera manufacturer ikonoskop announced that it would be temporarily halting production of its super16 raw digital cinema camera, the acam dii.

I think its another serious tool filmmakers can use to achieve a richer, organic, cinemalike look, similar to the ikonoskop, but cheaper. I believe there is room in the marketplace for this new digital 16mm option. Panasonic camera hack, with 10bit 4444, the digital super 8. Despite the fact that filmmakers around the world praised the acam dii for its simplistic functionality and stellar image quality, the company stopped production due to a strained financial situation that was likely caused. The company was founded in 1999 by filmmakers goran olsson and. Mar 14, 2012 the price point of the digital bolex seems too low for there to be significant margin on it as a business, margin that must be invested back into the business if it is to grow and not just be a flash in the pan. Ikonoskop acam dii digital motion picture camera skips. Sep 23, 2008 ikonoskop, the swedish maker of the acam sp16 lightweight 16mm film camera, introduced a new digital motion picture camera that moves it into direct competition with worlds best highdefinition video cameras. Ikonoskop may be better known for their builttoorder acam dii digital movie camera and their acam sp16 16mm film movie camera.

Movie making manualcinematographylarge sensor digital film. How to replicate the super 16mm look with your dslr. Besides the advantages like depth of field and quality of the glass and construction of film lenses over a fixedlens camera s fixed lens, super 16mm lenses are probably quite a bit cheaper. Blackmagic micro cinema camera in sraw reported as lossy raw blackmagic ursa. Has traveled the world making films and editing for television since the late 80s. With jpeg, internal camera software tweaks your images, adjusting color, exposure, and sharpness as needed to produce the results that nikon believes its customers prefer. If all youre doing is shooting mos material, music videos, or more experimental films, the lower cost options might work just fine. Documentary filmmaker and manufacturer of his own innovation through ikonoskop, the acam sp16 s16 film camera and the acam dii raw camera. The acam dii is the only electronic camera that offers uncompressed images in the highdefinition raw format.

An opensource hardware and software camera project based on the elpel cameras aptina cmos bayerpattern sensor with an optical format of 12. If you can get one with a pl mount you can rent additional lenses as needed. Maybe its because the 16mm format style is something mostly. The news was met with dismay by camera owners and dps. Ikonoskop discounts acam dii raw hd camera through december.

Jan 19, 2009 as for which film camera to buy, any one will do for starting out, provided it has been retrofitted or made to shoot super 16mm, and you also buy lenses that cover the additional width. It captures uncompressed 1920 x 1080 pixel images in raw. Bespoke engineering and software development in the us is not. Because dng is not proprietary, nle and software manufacturers. This is a test film for the ikonoskop acam dii digital 16mm camera. In fact, if one does not actually use the camera, it might even be better. Digital bolex reveals final design for the d16 raw camera. So how does this offering from ikonoskop stack up to red. The ikonoskop was probably the first camera to support cinema dng the moving picture version of dng. In addition to its raw capabilities, the camera is notable for its super 16mm sized sensor, allowing the usage of vintage 16mm lenses with no.

With a super 16mm sized sensor and industry standard io, the acam dii shoots in the new cinema standard raw. While there is a rumour swilling that camera maker ikonoskop have a new backer and are going back into business, we thought it might be the right time to remind some people out there what the little acam dii camera could do. These cameras have become very important steps in introducing raw motion picture recording to the masses. Digital bolex d16 and d16m monochrome, with open format cinemadng video raw format. It was capable of recording 1080hd in 10bit prores 422 hq files directly to fast sd cards, as well as lossless cinemadng raw file formats. Software development, interfacing, product development, marketing and infrastructure. In total 9600 contarex super cameras were produced. I shot on the ikonoskop which is the current raw 16mm digital alternative. You know what, hell yeah im gunna pull it apart to see what it looks like on the inside. I use to shoot 16 and 8mm film, and personally i dont see the connection. In a similar manner that 35 mm film was above that same limit for half of a century, confining many independent auteurs to shooting in 16 mm, the red one digital cinema camera used a super 35 sized cmos sensor and cinema 35 mm lenses. The ikonoskop acam dii was at the forefront of raw image motion picture recording.

It takes 16mm lenses and records 2k cineform raw to common ssds. Ikonoskop the acam dii promised a whole new era of s16 style portable shooting. Shooting 16mm film on a budget with my new arri 16srii noam. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. Cadrage is a directors viewfinder app for your android phone and tablet. If digital bolex is the incarnation of its 16mm analogue ancestor, then the dvx is the kid of the super 8 bolex. Ikonoskop swedish makers of the diminutive acam super 16mm movie camera. I wonder why these guys havent received more press yet as this camera is extremely interesting in the realms of affordable cinema filmmaking. Sometimes when you have been drinking do you sometimes look at your camera and think. Shooting and color grading with the ikonoskop, digital bolex, and blackmagic cinema cameras, lancaster takes you through the birth of these new cameras and includes an exclusive behindthescenes look at digital bolex.

Great examples of this would be black magic cinema camera, ikonoskop, the upcoming digital bolex d16, and most recently the addition of raw recording to black magics pocket camera. The camera will save each picture as jpegs or in raw as image sequences. Cameras at ibc come in all shapes and sizes studio daily. It uses the adobe cinema dng format that can be edited by adobe or soon avid software, and is also. The camera records full 1080p video at 24 or 30 fps in 422 apple prores format or raw format to fast sdxc cards. The technology exists today to scan 8mm super 8 in 5k res, in hdr to get detailed shadows and highlights, with optical frame stabilization to align all the frames, in a codec that captures enough detail in the chroma to do good color correction. Zeiss ikon contessa 35 53324 good condition c 195355 camera, vintage 35mm. I had used super 16 before and was familiar with the arri sr3 and the aaton xtr but i. The digital bolex camera was the second camera to feature adobes cinemadng open raw file format after the swedishmade ikonoskop which debuted in 2008. How do you fake the look of 16mm with your dslr when shooting on film gets too expensive. Ive been looking forward to posting this interview with peter gustafsson from a swedish company called ikonoskop, the developers of what i would call the 16mm digital cinema camera.

Ikonoskop is back and the future for their 16mm raw cameras is looking bright. Fs ikonoskop acam dii kit for sale cine marketplace. I do not work for ikonoskop but i did get a camera loaned to me for testing arri. Digital bolex state august as their ship date for the first cameras. It uses the adobe cinema dng format that can be edited by adobe or soon avid software, and is also compatible with iridas grading software, cineform and. Hello, here is the support raw camera list, as of 1. The other big plus is that the camera uses super 16mm lenses. Attention listen up the ikonoskop acam is officially on sale. The ikonoskop raw 16 mm camera personal view talks.

Its predecessor contarex professional alias contarex p had a similar camera body, but without builtin meter. We combine a vast range of supporting services and seasoned professionals. Ikonoskop would like to wish you a great holiday season by offering you the acam dii at the special price of 6,900. Vfx camera database a database of digital camera sensor sizes. It was a further development, including ttl metering, of the contarex i. Were coming up on one year since the d16 digital bolex camera was first announced and kickstarted, but its now one giant step closer to completion and release.

Yet another crowdfunded camera project under sail, the 4k apertus axiom alpha, promises, if built, a 4. Zeiss ikon movikon 16mm movie camera with sonnar lens nov. Raw is popular with advanced, very demanding photographers, for three reasons. The camera had a super 16mm sized sensor and an active micro four thirds lens mount. Can ikonoskops dii digital cinema camera coexist with red. May 04, 2018 on the other end of the spectrum are cameras like the beautiful arri 416, which is effectively a super 16mm version of a true modern 35mm motion picture camera arguably the best 16mm camera in existence. Collectible camera zeiss ikon super ikonta b 53016 range. I have lots of super 8 equipment from cameras, editors, splicers, lenses. I cut my photographic teeth on a canon 5d mark ii and thought, wow, these are really beautiful images. The team designing and building the d16 seem to be doing everything right theyve partnered with pomfort for raw imaging software and hot rod cameras for a pl mount, and they have an online community of potential buyers they regularly listen to and.

This is a project which has taken years and the camera is only now just shipping. Cinema eos c200, internal 4k raw using the cinema raw. Because dng is not proprietary, nle and software manufacturers should be. The camera captures uncompressed, raw dng images along with two. Raw is the future, and i want to be part of that future. The definition of compact camera is admittedly rather obscure ive taken it to mean. Try some clips taken from the ikonoskop acam dll camera. And if you use the pix for audio and jam timecode with the acam and an external audio recorder like our sound devices 633, everything is ready to.

The dji zenmuse x7 is a compact super 35 camera with an integrated gimbal made for highend filmmaking, delivering stunning resolution and image quality. The price drop on the super 16mm lenses drove me to the ikonoskop camera, so i started flirting with the acam dii for the past 4 months and when i finally found a set of zeiss super speeds i ordered the camera. He field tests each camera and discusses the importance of shooting in raw and guides you through the raw color. Then, i picked up a film camera for the first time, maybe it was a minolta, and after processing the film, i finally realized what it meant to fall head over heels in love with something. It can record uncompressed hd raw from its single 23inch 1920x1080 250300 iso ccd sensor to a swappable 160gb card. Using cine lenses on a digital camera like the ikonoskop feels like shooting with my little aaton.

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