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Chiefly produced by quincy jones, the wiz soundtrack features nonsync. Off the wall is the fifth solo studio album by american singer michael jackson, released on august 10, 1979 by epic records. Michael jackson success, fame, and fortune, theyre all illusions. Were sorry but jwapp doesnt work properly without javascript enabled. Unnecessary and largely tedious documentary cobbled together by kenny ortega the man who gave us the high school musical films. Although the film was produced for universal pictures by motown records film division, the soundtrack album was issued on mca records as a twolp collection universal was owned by mca inc. Ease on down the yellowbrick road with the wiz, starring superstars diana ross and michael jackson. Michael jackson opens up 25 years after thriller about the. Frank baums classic novel the wonderful wizard of oz through the eyes of a young african. Anthology movie by, and starring, michael jackson in his prime, combining a number of music videos from his bestselling bad album with a fantasy tale of michaels confrontation with a ruthless drug dealer known as mr.

Wizard of oz with pop superstars diana ross and michael jackson, co starring richard pryor, nipsey russell. As dorothy goes in search of the wiz, shes joined by the scarecrow michael jackson, the tin. The wiz 18 movie clip the crow anthem 1978 hd youtube. G musicals, kids, adventure, action, family, music movie 1978.

What is left is this extraordinary documentary, nothing at all like what i was expecting to see. The wiz has about double the largescale production numbers of the wizard of oz 1939, with songs written and composed by charlie smalls. Volume ii 1998 number ones 2003 history on film, volume ii is a collection of music videos by michael jackson released by warner music video enterprises on march 1998. Both were inspired by the classic childrens tale the wonderful wizard of oz but being told through the eyes of african americans. The wiz us import i have had this double cd for a while now, well a few years in fact and i have forgotten how good the music is, we know it was not a big hit but diana and the gang did good in my book, i think it was made long befor its time and it still stands the test of time we all know diana was a little old to play dorothy but who cares, its still great stuff. The special premiered on abc on thursday, november 1, 2001.

This workmanlike movie musical lacks the electricity of the stage version and its cinematic inspiration, but its bolstered by strong performances by diana ross and michael jackson. The wiz is the original motion picture soundtrack album for the 1978 film adaptation of the broadway musical the wiz. Michael jackson, a former motown star and close friend of diana ross, was cast as the scarecrow. With michael jackson, pat dade, amy smallman, edwina moore. Soundtrack of the movie the wiz directed by sidney lumet 1978 and adapted from the l. Relive all of the magic of this beloved musical when dorothy is whisked away to the enchanting wonderland of oz, where she encounters the scarecrow, the tinman and the lion. So, the film is a marvel to watch, yet the mourning and sense of loss happen all over again, the sorrow all the fans felt many years prior, all comes flooding back as one realises when watching this last tribute, what a fantastic, talented quirky genius michael jackson was and the tragedy, that his reclusive personal life led to his demise. It was jacksons first album released through epic records, the label he recorded under until his death in 2009, and the first produced by quincy jones, whom he met while working on the 1978 film the wiz. The concert was the third major concert held in tribute to the victims of the september 11 attacks.

Ghost is a short film of michael jackson, whose script was cowritten by the great master of horror, stephen king. Michael jackson as the scarecrow in the wiz november 05, 2015 when i transformed into the scarecrow, it was the most wonderful thing in the world. Rent michael jacksons this is it 2009 starring michael jackson and kenny ortega on dvd and bluray. Remember to tread lightly when telling michaal jacksons kin that what they say came from the king of pop himself isnt all it seems. Diana ross and michael jackson, costarring richard pryor, nipsey russell.

Although the film was produced for universal pictures by motown records film. The project began in 1993 and was completed in 1996. An adaptation of the wizard of oz that tries to capture the essence of the africanamerican experience. Diana ross was the most famous black woman in america having been the lead singer in the most successful american pop group ever, the supremes. With diana ross, michael jackson, nipsey russell, ted ross. As a recording artist i already felt like an old pro, but the film world was completely new to me. Rather than featuring one continuous narrative, the film expresses the influence of fandom and innocence through a collection of short films about michael jackson, several of which are longform music videos from jacksons bad album. Michael jacksons this is it is a 2009 american documentaryconcert film directed by kenny ortega that documents michael jacksons rehearsals and preparation for the concert series of the same name scheduled to start on july, 2009, but cancelled due to his death eighteen days prior on june 25. An adaptation of the wizard of oz that tries to capture the essence of the africanamerican. Diana ross, michael jackson, richard pryor, nipsey russell. The wiz is a 1978 feature film released from motown records and universal studios.

By the start of development on the wiz in 1977, he and his. Man in the mirror tribute siedah garrett and the agape international choir. The music video for michael jacksons song ghosts, a fiveminute shortened version of michaels original 39 minute shortfilm, ghosts. This is it, michael jackson told his fans in london, announcing his forthcoming concert tour. The wiz 1978 with images african american film, the wiz. Michael jackson remember the time official video duration. Here is not a sick and drugged man forcing himself through grueling rehearsals, but a spirit embodied by music. Learn more about michael jackson video greatest hits history on imdb. End of the yellow brick road harmonica toots thielemans. Jackson noted how he met jones while the two were both working on motown records founder berry gordys film. The film is now the highest grossing concert movie and. Diana ross plays a very moving and heartfelt role as dorothy.

Start your free trial to watch the wiz and other popular tv shows and movies including new. Rip to the greatest pop singer ever related videos. Several critics observed that off the wall was crafted from disco. The wiz original motion picture soundtrack 1978 youtube. Paris jackson, michaels yearold daughter, fired right back wednesday via twitter at media claiming that its an impersonator singing at least one of the late michaels songs on the posthumous 2010 set simply called michael, hold my hand. Richard pryor passt zum wiz, lena horne ist eine wunderbare glinda. What more can i give was a benefit concert led by michael jackson held on october 21, 2001 at rfk stadium in washington, d. On his way into the courthouse, he paused to kiss 11yearold laurae tyler on the head and autograph her copy of the wiz album. The wiz film is very uplifting to watch and i am very glad to have watched it. The songs ghosts and is it scary, on the album blood on the dance floor history in the mix, not the original version of the film.

An extravagant reimagining of the wizard of oz with pop superstars diana ross and michael jackson, costarring richard pryor, nipsey russell. Features song lyrics for michael jacksons the wiz album. The film opens with somewhat selfindulgent footage of the backup dancers bursting into tears as they describe their hopes for working with michael jackson, but. The film is named after the dance technique known as the moonwalk. Directed by stan winston, with tips from steven spielberg, ghosts have 45 minutes. Michael jacksons this is it is a 2009 american documentaryconcert filmdirected by kenny ortega that documents michael jacksons rehearsals and preparation for his concert series of the same. Nisha, who appeared on larry king, revealed what it was like to live with the late singer and omar bhatti, the 26 yearold who joe jackson has recently stated is michael jacksons son. Michael jackson in the wiz if you were going to make an all black cast film in 1978 you could not get a more famous cast than what is gathered here.

Michael jackson in the movie the wiz,singing u cant win. The film is based off the broadway show of the same name. After accidentally killing the wicked witch of the east upon her arrival, dorothy is told about the wiz richard pryor, a wizard who can help her get back to manhattan. From my point of view videos michael jackson in the movie the wiz,singing u cant win. With michael jackson, joe pesci, sean lennon, kelley parker.

Compilation of interviews, rehearsals and backstage footage of jackson as he prepared for his final tour. Wizard of oz with pop superstars diana ross and michael jackson, costarring richard pryor, nipsey russell. Michael jackson as the scarecrow in the wiz michael. Hear michael jackson explain his nickname in this exclusive audio clip. On her journey down the yellow brick road, she encounters a garbagestuffed scarecrow michael jackson in a junkyard, a brokendown tin.

The wiz 1978 when harlem schoolteacher dorothy diana ross tries to save her dog from a storm, shes miraculously whisked away to an urban fantasy land called oz. Com iconic music media auctions catalogue listings. Sidney lumets the wiz is the film version of the popular. Rent michael jacksons this is it 2009 on dvd and blu. All there is that is real is the friendship that two can share. Michael jacksons only feature film role in sidney lumets the wiz 1978 is a rare, cinematic treat its an intimate viewing experience thats become an even more treasured moment to. Moonwalker is a 1988 american experimental anthology musical film starring michael jackson. Sidney lumets the wiz is the film version of the popular broadway musical that retells the events of l. Emerald city sequence featuring the wiz richard pryor piano. The character of dorothy in this film ends up on an adventure that changes her and those in her life whose path she crosses such as the scarecrow character played by michael jackson. Jackson took nisha kataria, now a young adult, under his wing with the aim of making her into a recording star.

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